Antonios Pavlakis - Web Developer in the East Midlands, UK

My name is Antonios Pavlakis (pronounced Adoni) and I am a Zend Certified PHP Engineer.

I have been using PHP professionally since 2005 and enjoying every minute of it.

PHP is my language of choice, but I tend to use the best tool for the job.

I mostly use OSS and over the years have used these framworks ZF1,ZF2, Symfony2, Silex, Slim3, Laravel5...

These tools ...composer, bower, vagrant, ansible and other tools which make development easier.

PHP is all about the community. I attend yearly the PHPNW conference in Manchester and I am one of the organisers of the PHPMinds user group. PHPMind meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month in Nottingham.

When I'm not coding or attending php user group meetings all over the country, I am teaching Aikido at the Ei Mei Kan Leicester Aikido Dojo in Leicester. I am a qualified coach (CL2) and currently hold the grade of 2nd dan (Nidan so-Hombu) in Aikido.

I can be found on twitter and freenode under @pavlakis

For more up to date info about me, check out my LinkedIn profile:

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